Which Class?

We know everyone loves to dance so we place dancers based on their ability and experience and not necessarily by their age.

The guidelines below will help you decide the initial Class Level to start with and we can adjust once your dancer is in class.

Combo Classes (e.g. Tap/Ballet)
3 – 6 year old

Level I Classes:
6 – 7 year old

Level II Classes:
7 – 9 year old

Level III Classes:
9 – 11 year old

Level III Advanced Classes:
11 – 12 year old and/or 3+ years experience

Level IV Classes:
13 – 15 year old and/or 3+ years experience

Level V Classes:
15 – 18 year old and/or 5+ years experience

If you have further questions on which level your dancer should be in…

just ask us!

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