Midwest Dance Center offers classes for recreational dancers who love to dance and for competitive dancers who like to compete and travel. All dancers will perform at our winter and spring recitals.

Dance Forms

Tap | Tonia Pierce | Tonia loves tap. Her dedication will inspire fun and innovation in the studio! She emphasizes technique and creativity while building self-esteem and self-confidence in each of her students. Can you hear it?

Hip Hop | Jen Garry & Elizabeth Garry | The dynamic duo. You can expect high energy, cutting edge hip hop classes from these two. You will definitely get an experience different than most in the Midwest. Expect today’s hottest music and moves!

Jazz | Jen Garry | Jen likes to have fun. She also likes to be upbeat, fast, and sometimes sassy with the kicks, turns, and leaps. You will enjoy this change in pace and catch yourself smiling. Life needs a little more dance rhythm.

Lyrical/Contemporary | Jen Garry & Katelyn Trei | Both Jen and Katelyn see the beauty and grace in movement. Be ready to stretch your passion for dance with their emotional thought-provoking pieces. You will have dance moments…

Technique | Katelyn Trei | Inner strength comes from perfection. Katelyn has the eye for detail and the passion to help dancers grow in their technique. You will be challenged.

ACRO | Christa Larson | Ready to develop your tumbling and dance skills? Be prepared to perfect your aerials, back handsprings, headstall kip-ups, and rubber bands. Did we forget to mention planks? You have been warned!

Competitive Dance Teams | Jen, Elizabeth, Katelyn, & Christa | Our Midwest region’s premier dance teams are recognized locally, regionally, and nationally. Competitive dance develops strength, confidence, resilience, and team work. Some of life’s best moments have come from competitive experiences. Auditions are typically held each May for the upcoming season. Check out our News section or Facebook and Instagram accounts for more details.

Class guidelines

Here are some quick guidelines to help you decide which classes are best for you or your dancer. We know everyone loves to dance so we place dancers based on their ability and experience and not necessarily by their age. If you or your dancer is not having fun or is not challenged or is too challenged, we will make sure everyone is in the right level of class.

Pre-tap & Pre-ballet combo class: 3 – 5 year old

Level 1 Classes: 6 – 8 year old (all forms)

Level 2 Classes: 8 – 10 year old (all forms)

Level 3 Classes: 11 – 13 year old (all forms)

Level 3 Advance Classes: 11 – 13 year old and/or 3+ years experience (all forms)

Level 4 Classes: 14 – 16 year old and/or 3+ years experience (all forms)

Level 5 Classes: 15 – 18 year old and/or 5+ years experience (all forms)

If you have questions on which level you or your dancer should be in…