No Zoom classes!

Enjoy the week off (March 25-March 29) but continue to stretch and exercise.

Exiting news coming this week too!

Excited for the new normal!

We will be posting our plans to slowly get back into the studio to start dancing!

It is even more important now to keep up on our stretching and exercising.

COVID-19 Update: Adapting & Over Coming!

We have been blessed to see everyone online taking dance classes. Even though we are all confined to our homes, we are free to express ourselves online through dance. Thank you for being strong and staying healthy and following the health guidelines and remembering to wash your hands!

Dancers please remember to continue stretching and being active as the weather gets nicer.

It may not look that way now but Spring will poke its head up some day!

Welcome 2020!

Kick off the new year with all your possibilities ahead of you!

If you like to dance or just want to catch the “dance bug” then contact us.

We have our schedule posted in our Classes area so check it out.

New! View your dance statements online.

Just log into your account HERE. You can also access your account through the new Parents page from the MENU!

Coming soon…registration online too!

Historical Pictures

Yes we are excited to have added another studio room! Here are just a few pictures of the transformation…

removing the old hallway wall
the new hallway…
doorway to Studio Room C!