Elizabeth Garry

Liz says dance has been a part of her life since she was three years old.  Shhh…don’t tell her it has really been longer than that. You see her mother is Jen Garry and Jen had her at the studio soon after she was born!  Dance has literally been a part of Liz’s whole life.  She was that dance baby and not the creepy one on YouTube.

Living at the studio gave Liz a chance to try everything.  And, she did!  Back then, people would say she danced to her own drum…and guitar, tambourine, saxophone, flute, oboe, clarinet…okay let’s just say she liked to dance and would dance whenever there was any type of music playing.  Liz also liked to compete.  Dancing competitively in all the forms and across the country over the years has given her so many great memories, relationships, and experiences.

Some of these relationships and experiences have been the chances to learn from many of the talented people in the dance industry.  Some of the most influential people have been Marty Kuldeka (Justin Timberlake’s choreographer), Dave Scott, Mia Michaels, Luam, Gigi Torres, Ian Eastwood, Luther Brown, Tricia Miranda, and Talia Favia.  Yes, dance has truly shaped her life.

Liz is now shaping the lives of other dancers.  She loves sharing her passion for dance with her students and wants them to have the best dance experience like she has had.  She also wants each of her students to strive for their best and use their dance passion and experiences later on in life to become leaders in whatever they choose to pursue.

You will not find anyone more committed to giving the best of themselves as a coach and teacher than Liz Garry.  Prepare yourself to see dance come alive through music and movement.