Form Descriptions

Tap | Elizabeth loves the beat and likes to tap outside the box. Her enthusiasm and upbeat tempo will inspire fun and creativity on the wood floor. This is not your ordinary tap!


Hip Hop | Elizabeth and Jen are known as “The Dynamic Duo.” You can expect high energy, cutting edge hip hop classes from these two. This hip hop experience will definitely be different than most in the Midwest. Expect today’s hottest music and distinct free-style moves. You will leave it all on the floor!

Jazz | Jen likes to have fun. She also likes to be upbeat, fast, and sometimes sassy with the kicks, turns, and leaps. You will enjoy this change in pace and catch yourself smiling. Life truly needs a little more dance rhythm. Life needs a little more of Jen’s jazzy-ness.


Lyrical/Contemporary | Both Jen and Katelyn see the beauty and grace in movement. Be ready to experience your passion for dance with their emotional thought-provoking pieces. Watching their fluid choreography will leave you with dance moments.

Technique | Inner strength comes from reaching for perfection. Katelyn has an eye for detail and the intensity to help dancers grow into their turns, leaps, and jumps. You will be challenged. You will find your inner strength.

Tumbling/ACRO | Ready to develop your tumbling and dance skills? Christa will start you out with basic tumbling to eventually perfecting your aerials, back handsprings, headstall kip-ups, and rubber bands. Time to take your dance tricks to the next level!