Looking for midwestdancecenter.com? We are now located at mdc605.com to make it easier for everyone to learn about us. Please continue to enjoy our story…

Midwest Dance Center (MDC) is one of the premier dance studios in the Midwest. We enjoy growing with dancers in their life journey to discover their dance spark.

Our passion is Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, and Lyrical. We offer a fun and challenging recreational dance program for ages 3 to 18. We also have an accomplished competitive dance program for ages 6 to 18. Just choose your passion and dance!

MDC is about dance experiences. Our faculty is outstanding but we also like to bring in talent from the professional world and attend regional dance workshops. We know the world of dance is much larger than our studio.

We also believe that everyone is blessed, free, and strong.

We are MDC!

Come visit us.